OBV Premium Newborn PurCo

OBV Premium Newborn PurCo

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Looking for a premium plush Natural fiber diaper to love and protect your baby's sensitive skin? Look no further. Who says you can't have style, comfort, luxury and functionality all in one diaper? Since 2014 our PurCo Newborn AIO styled fitteds have been all parents need all in one cozy little package! Are you concerned about waking up to wet sheets, or synthetic fibers irritating your precious baby? Put your worries to rest with our NB PureCo. 

With the Cocoa Cheeks PurCo we've thought of everthing to ease every worry. by combining the top three most trusted materials into one thirsty workhorse, the PureCo guarantees less stress and a love for fluff right from the start. 

4 layers of HOBV, 4 layers of 100% organic cotton, 2 layers Hemp make up this thirsty, plush, premium workhorse. 

Heavy Organic bamboo velour will caress and cuddle your babies beautiful, delicate brown skin. 

100% organic cotton sandwiched between the bamboo and hemp will aid in quicker absorbency giving the hemp all the time it needs to rev up and do its thing. 

Hemp, is our go to here at Cocoa Cheeks when we want durability, reliability and longevity! 

Fit score- 8: Babies 4 to 14 lbs. 

Comfort score- 10

Quality Score- 10

Absorbency -10

The CocoaBoo OBV is the real MVP of NB fitteds. They are fast drying and easy to use. Just put on, Snap & Done! All you need! All in One!

100% Heavy Organic Bamboo Velour is plush, superior in absorbency, and as soft as clouds against baby's skin.

Please note:The PureCo Nb is not waterproof. Fitted diapers are designed to be paired with a cover. We recommend our NB CocoaShells. Because they are such workshorses, feel free to take the. PureCo challenge; see how long your baby can go without a CocoaShell once fully prepped. 😊. Be sure and follow us and let us know!