Cocoa Cheeks Brown Skin Girl Collection

Cocoa Cheeks Brown Skin Girl Collection

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 Rich, decadent, smooth poised and purposed.

Every Shade Slays with our new Brown Skin Girl collection. These solids are not your average solid diapers.They are here to represent! We think Color is genius and this collection screams it!


Collect the full set and let every shade slay or chose the shades that compliment you and your babies beautiful brown skin.

Bonus feature: Inspired by the song there is a unique and fun little surprise hidden in each design. We hope you love your diapers and that they constantly remind you to love your incredible brown skin. 

OS Pocket Ai3 features

*Crossover snaps

*Wide pocket opening for dad's and wider hands 

*Inserts agitate out in the wash so no need to unstuff or get your hands dirty. 

*Belly, back and leg elastics to help control messes.

*Multifunctional: use as pocket, cover or AI2

*Waterproof soft Pul/Tpu outer layer

*Hip snaps( prevents wing droopage) &bpoor fits

* 2 x 4 rise settings for wider versatility and customization


This diaper comes a with a 100% very absorbent muslin prefold in size cheeks!

*Engineered to works best with our inserts, pre-folds or preflats, but any brand will do.*