From Our Family to Yours

Welcome to Cocoa Cheeks Cloth Diapers.

Hi, I'm Jaisiray, the mom who created CocoaCheeks. I have an obscene affinity for all things Black History,all things fluff, & All things Genius!! I invented the "Scholar Series" to capture & marry those obsessions together.

At Cocoa Cheeks we're proud to offer the highest quality,most unique,unapologetic,uplifting,melanin representing,legacy leaving,you can do it too preaching, black history 360-ing,Color is Genius believing, cloth diapers on the market today.

It all started when I became appalled with the lack of representation in the cloth diaper industry, mainstream media in general to be completely transparent. I just couldn't stand being apart of a society that refused to represent "US". I hated the idea that in the United States black achievements seemed to be forgotten, passed over, or minimized if recognized at all.I was actually very frustrated, then angry to learn that the Genius of Color was yet again overlooked, & unrecognized despite our many and major contributions to this world. Not only that but families that cloth diapered and our babies were not represented in a way to was uplifting & empowering our babies.
Then, in an instant, Out of my soul came this roaring push to reason.
This... indignant, righteous rage."Not on my watch!" I exclaimed!
I scoured the internet looking for diaper brands that represented US!
I wanted to support!
But .. to my dismay...there was none.
Not even one. None? Frfr? No other brand or company highlighting, educating, celebrating the genius of Color?! 
Well, gosh darn it, Dang it (in my indignant voice)
"I will."
Our children need to Know their Genius & Be reminded of their rich Legacy!
"I will"
They need to be empowered, encouraged,represented,their minds stimulated. 
 I will!
Who will be our voice in this industry? Who will bridge the gap? Who will be the first unapologetically black? I will I exclaimed again & on that very day.
I Did!
I was so fresh and new to cloth diapering in general.By 2014 I had only been sewing a year.But with tenacity, integrity & a passion to inspire I set out anyway. Through introducing & educate young families the genius of Color the
Scholar Series was born. 
We are the first Cloth diaper brand in the world dedicated to honoring the Genius of Color. Because of this fact, We were commissioned to create the First Black lives Matter diaper!
The Scholar Series & our BLM diapers were a huge success. We could barely keep up with the orders. Parents were flocking to our then Etsy shop to snag a new Scholar. We were both delighted and honored.
But oh how I miscalculated...The cost of being a pioneer! 
Whenever you are the first at is often times a lonely trail to blaze..and once that fire is lit..there will be burns, scars,& folly along the way. This is to be expected.
In my own personal experience regarding our brand I was challenged to overcome much controversy, lies & foolery. To make matters worse our home life was completely shattered and turned upside down due to horrific bouts of domestic violence. I was forced to take a break to calculate and regroup.Thankfully we survived! We made it through. As a result of extensive testing & refining I can honestly share & encourage you. If I can make it through the can you! It WILL be hard. You WILL need to take courage. You WILL question your endurance but Stay in the race.
Pretty please don't quit. You are a surviving warrior & You can do this!
It is all worth it in the end. I am a living witness.
But now that the dust has settled and dreams are back again brewing. My kiddos and I want to invite you all to join us on this side of triumph as we walk together this journey.
I want to share my passion and love for education, liberation through representation & black girl brilliance with each and every one of you.
 We invite you to join us as we share with the world the Color of Genius and the Legacy of our Heritage. We put lots of love & careful attention into each item we make. We hope you enjoy our work as much as we enjoy sharing it to you.
So as they champion me I champion you.
Be your own kind of beautiful and know that your color is Genius