The Noonie

The Noonie

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From the new "Cocoa-Tots"collection for toddlers and speedy crawlers, we would like to debut the "Noonie"

What's a Noonie? A "Noonie" is a multifunctional 3-n-One reusable cloth trainer. It features:

350° waist elastics, similar to a pair of bloomers for quick and easy pull up for that "I'm a big kid' feeling!

side snaps (with optional flex waist extenders:included with every Noonie-Flex)

side snaps are imperative if there's a #2 situation 😏😉🤭

generous leg elastics for chunky thighs

Large mail style pocket openings

Wicking material to wick away moisture when used as a pocket.

Built in snap for converting to an AI2 Includes 1 MF insert(best when used in these trainer systems as compression leaks are minimal at this diapering stage)

Comes in 2 adjustable sizes Cocoa2t and Cheeks3t. 

*flex is only available in Cheeks3t